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Be the change you wish to see in the wold.

- Mahatma Gandhi



I'm Adrianna

Welcome to my world...

I am a Sattva Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Holistic Healer, Reiki Practitioner and a Visionary Leader in Conscious Evolution of Humanity.  

I begun my awakening journey in 2012, when my dad passed away. Traumatic experiences are often blessings in disguise... It was my wake up call. I started looking at life from different perspective  and deepening my knowledge in esoteric topics.

For several years I was dealing with grief, blaming the world for my unhappiness... It wasn't until I found myself in hands of my master, Anand Mehrotra, founder of Sattva Yoga Academy, where I completed my Yoga Teacher Training in 2017, to finally drop the victim story I was holding onto and take full responsibility for my life. 

I am proudly walking the spiritual path ever since I became a yoga teacher and every single day is another opportunity for me to learn and become a better version of myself. Over the years I went through an enormous transformation and I am passionate about helping others change their life too.

I lead nomadic lifestyle and I am happier then I've ever been. I travel and teach at various locations in the world, connecting with like-minded people - building a conscious tribe. I hold group classes, workshops as well as one-to-one private classes and healing sessions.

I am also available for online coaching and mentoring.


I am here to serve and help you on your journey to better life... Health, happiness,  joy and abundance are your birth rights. You are not the stories of your mind. I can help you release the fear and regain your inner power so that you can start living up to your full potential.

Let me guide you on a journey into your heart to release what's holding you back... 

What is Sattvic World?

Our planet is in urgent need of healing. Sattvic World is my vision of free world - a world, where everyone is equal. A world run by leaders who serve humanity, and who's interest is in living in harmony with nature, not financial gains.


The world filled with healers, not pharmaceutical businesses and corporations. A world ruled by unconditional love, where poverty, violence and injustice are non-existent. 

The world, in which happiness, joy and abundance are shared by all beings. The world, in which we are all awakened and understand that we are all connected, that we all come from the same Source. The world, in which everyone treats each other and Mother Nature with respect. 

"Be the change you want to see in the world". I believe that integrative practice of Yoga helps us transform. As we gain connection to our body, breath and understand the nature of the mind, we become creators of our own reality. My mission is to help you understand that Yoga is not just a physical practice of Asana, it's the way of living. 

If my vision resonates with you, feel free to get in touch with me. Whether you are interested in coaching, yoga classes, Reiki healing, massage, workshops or retreats - I am here for you. 

I am always open and happy to collaborate with like-minded people and on the projects that help protect the environment and make positive impact on the communities around the world. I believe that together we can create a better world!


My Offerrings


"Miracles happen all the time,

there is one happening right now around you.

And it's been going on forever.

So stop waiting for a miracle and start experiencing the miracle."'

- Anand Mehrotra


"My whole journey of yoga teacher training has been one of the most amazing experiences in my life. Definitely life changing and it's for sure a wonderful start for my career as a Yoga Trainer.

I am very grateful to have Adrianna as my teacher/guru. She is such a young, vibrant, highly professional, experienced and a phenomenal teacher. 

She has demonstrated extraordinary care for her students and has creatively made me to adapt the right exercises that suited my abilities.

Thank you Adrianna..."

—  Vijaya Ehambaram

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